Jerry James

Having studied music and painting, making art has always been an interdisciplinary practice. I have made object portraits, soundscapes, music videos; paintings that look like drawings, and aluminum reliefs that look like collage. Many of these works were created in basement studios in Manhattan. I also have painted watercolors outside when I traveled. That seemingly easy task has proved to be a lesson in economy. As John Marin famously observed,"Watercolor is like golf -- the fewer the strokes the better.

Since relocating to Greenpoint, I have focused on the changing waterfront. High-rise buildings are rapidly intruding on older structures, but the former 'pencil capital of the world" still has historic charm. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay; so being near water evokes memories and stirs imagination.

When I worked at Lincoln Center, Maxine Greene advised me to pursue advanced studies in art education. Doing so has continued to enrich my life in unexpected ways. I have worked with teachers and students across the U.S. and abroad, participated in research projects, developed web content and advocated for the arts regionally and nationally in print and in person. Thanks to Maxine, my life is grounded in my creative work.

Don't hesitate to reach out on this site or at the email account below.

Jerry M. James, MFA, EdD
Art Studio 711
67 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222